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3 Simple Tips on How to Find a Good 24 Hour Locksmith

Nothing is quite as stressful as walking to your house or your car to find that your keys aren’t in your pockets. As you check frantically to find them, you realize that you lost them or left them behind, prompting your next course of action. Taking your phone, you search up the first locksmith you find and decide to give them a call with no ifs or buts. Yes, being locked out of your car or your home can be very stressful. But allowing yourself to make ill-thought out decisions at that moment just might cause you even more stress. There are some services that will take advantage of unsuspecting individuals when they’re most vulnerable, and that’s why you should take the time and make the effort to ensure that the 24 hour locksmith you’ve hired is really cut out for the job.

Use these simple tips to ensure that your locksmith is the real deal.

1. Research 24 Hour Locksmith Services Online – Be sure to do a little research before you go on and hire a locksmith. While you might find a lot of websites advertising for 24 hour locksmith services when you do a basic internet search, you should know that having a website isn’t a reason to make a hire. Don’t rely on a website alone as anyone can have one these days. Read the different reviews on the locksmith you’ve chosen to find out what kind of service they offer. Look for their address and contact information towards the bottom of the website or through the contact page. A legitimately local locksmith service shouldn’t have a 1-800 number.

2. Get a Rough Estimate of Costs – You can tell that a locksmith isn’t the best if they tell you they charge this much and then bill you double or triple that after the job because your locks were complicated. The fact is, lots of homeowners hire this type of locksmith because they offer a very low starting rate. The actual starting cost for a locksmith job should be anywhere between 40 and 60 dollars, so if you’re quoted for something like 15 over the phone, you should know better than to go through with the hire. Complicated locks are also uncommon. Unless your locks are fully automated and are operated with biometrics, a locksmith will be able to open virtually any lock with ease.

3. Listen Well During the Call – Once you do call them, be sure to pay attention. You should be wary to do business with a locksmith service that doesn’t give you the specific name of their business at the start of a call. Ask if they could give you their address in the area. You can tell it’s not the right service for you if they refuse to answer questions about their address.
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